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We've Moved! (again...)

See that lovely red bridge in the distance, and this oceanside path we can wander with our fam? This photo was taken from the path itself, but much of this can be seen from our new balcony. This move has really taken up the past 3+ weeks of my life, mostly energy wise - but we are finally in a place we can call home for now. Seeing as its the third apartment we have been in since arriving in February, I feel silly to say that this one exhausted me as much as it did - but boy did it. I am actually still trying to recoup - hence my silence here... although I finally feel like I'm ready for a return.

The big news about this home is that its in the Lisbon area (Oeiras) - which means we left the Algarve! The Covid crisis gave us that chance to really weigh out our options - and looking at some new opportunities that were offered in the Lisbon area, we decided that they might be best for our family in the long run. It was sad to say goodbye to the Algarve, especially as it was just starting to open up again, but the good news is that we are just a few short hours away by car, and even closer to some of our favorite beach towns here.

So, maybe it was the distance which was tiring, or the emotional feeling of cutting ties with the south? The new apartment was in terrific shape - super clean, repainted and furnished with new beds just for us. It made it really easy to unpack and make it feel like home - which led me to keep asking myself, why am I so exhausted?! Another local mom said our bodies sometimes hold it all in during stressful times - and then release it all when we feel safe. Maybe waiting for this transition during the lockdown was building up inside my body, - and finally now that we are settled for sure, its letting it all go.

But its not all tired moments - we are still being blessed with the sunshine and walks to the beach. We have fantastic light in our new place, trees blowing outside the windows - its all very inspiring. Looking forward to sharing more about our adventures here, probably overloading you with tile facades and even welcoming our first visitor next week!

**And do you like how my door bell is hung not quite straight against those teal tiles?

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