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31st July.

Its been radio silence over here.... even this post took me an extra 2 weeks just to add pictures to it and hit publish! I've sure missed writing, and between the heat and visitors its just been a bit busy - but I'm hoping to spend some time in the coming weeks catching up a bit!

Today is the 31st of July... and I am kicking myself for not being more active here these past couple months. Today is a big day - it means we have officially finished 6 months in Portugal, and finished our second whole month here in the Lisbon area. It also means that our little Caoimhe is officially 18 months old today. (half birthdays are not something Francesco quite understands yet... as we are also counting down 5 more days until he turns 3!)

It's crazy to sit here and write this out, because as well all know too well, these past months have not been at all what we expected 2020 to bring. I'm still struggling with the fact that I have not made it back to Berlin since we left it, have gone too long without coffees and catch ups with my dear friends there, and giving Francesco the chance to see those familiar faces who know and love him well. It also has meant the longest stretch without seeing family on either side. We are still anxiously waiting to make plans to see the American side (and finally get my hands on that precious new niece of mine), but we finally got a visit from our Nonno and Nonna last week, and have more adventures planned this summer.

Afternoon nap-time was usually my go to date with my computer, but these past months have just been spent a bit differently. I know that I should be easy on myself as well - we have had a lot of 'new' lately, and taking the time to settle is perfectly fine - and that is exactly what we have been doing. We have covered bureaucratic appointments, made our home feel more and more like us, we've been exploring our local Mercado Municipal, and finding our go-to parks nearby. We've explored beaches, and found our new favorites - some are just down the road, others are across the 25 de Abril Bridge - and some in towns a bit further out.

I took a weaving course on an overcast Friday morning up in Ericeira, hosted by the wonderful Amy Ilic. It was a lovely class, with fresh faces, and the start to new addicting hobby. I followed it up with a shopping spree at The Craft Company and a creative mess that took over our dining room table for the next couple weeks - but poured my love into a little piece a wonderful little human who will be joining the world soon.

I have learned how to hang my laundry out the windows - something that has felt like a trademark of my travels in Italy, Spain and Portugal... and now here I am doing the same. It truly is amazing how quickly you can get a load dried! (but also making the time fold it and put it away quickly after).

We hosted our dear friend Maria for a week, who made the trek our way with a baby in her belly, just to get some time with us before her hands are a bit more full. It was also a lovely feeling to show her this new place that we are calling home. We explored the Palace de Pena in Sintra, ate fresh Churros in Ericeira and stole away for a girls evening in Lisbon (my first meal away from my babes since January!) Boy did it feel good to give tight hugs to someone outside the bubble we have lived in these past months as well.

We had a couple overnights mixed in, wrapping up loose ends in the Algarve, and hanging with a Berlin mate who came for a surf trip. We also hosted Nonna and Nonno for a fun 10 days. The kids were thrilled to have them around, and the time quickly passed with local beach visits, some meals out, and an incredible visit to the Lisbon Aquarium.

Besides all that, I have been passing the time branching out and finding some local mom friends and learning about expat life in the Lisbon area. Nap times have been have been spent trying to return emails, texts and little phone calls to loved ones, keeping up with the crazy happenings in the news, and indulging in some educational podcasts and Netflix shows. Looking forward to what these new beginnings continue to bring our way - and for reaching the end of my 'summer break' soon! Tommy is off to the office in a few short weeks, which will bring along with it more consistent scheduling for all of us!

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