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15th of April

We spent the 15th of April quite differently in the past... traveling, exploring, taking family photos, trying new places to eat. But, as we are grounded to our homes this year, I wanted to reminisce the past few years here.


Crazy thing - April 15th of 2017 was the first time we ever set foot in Alvor. We had been exploring the coast, looking for a place to stay the night, enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the beach in Alvor, and a tasty dinner at Zé Morgadinho. Never would have guessed we would be back on that same beach 3 years later, with two babies in tow, on a lockdown in that same town.


Last day in Paris with my parents. We saw Mona Lisa that morning, enjoyed Rosé in the Jardin des Tuileries, and had a long afternoon walk. Tommy arrived that evening for one last dinner, and the following morning we set out as a family on a month long road trip through Spain, Portugal & France.


We were nearing the end of our first trip as a family of four... Tommy fit a tiny surf session in, we said good bye to Odeciexe, moved on to Sarges for the night - and took in a cloudy sunset at Cabo de São Vicente.

Wonder if 2021 will beat the post storm beach romps we made in 2020... only time will tell. xx

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