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In 2009, I left the States for a two year teaching contract in Berlin... but after ten years in that wonderful city, working in two schools, meeting and marrying my husband, and birthing two incredible children, we decided to make some small changes to our family life. In the new year, we packed up our crew and followed the path to a new job for my husband, and a life on the Southern coast of Portugal.


We've traded in our Berlin playgrounds, for beach romps and sunsets - and made me into a stay at home mom with my two toddlers. They absolutely keep me on my toes, but I am so enjoying to watch them grow closer - as well as making space for my own endeavors, like bringing my educational background into this new setting and writing 'forever for frankie'. 


Hello! My name is Meghan, and I am a mother, wife, teacher, dreamer and creative soul. I love children's literature, decorating a new space, and spending time outdoors. Brunch is my favorite meal, I'm a sucker for beautiful ceramics, and I absolutely cherish my relationships with loved ones over most else.


I was born an Arizona baby, and still feel proud of my Southwestern roots. My parents moved the family to the Chicago suburbs, where I later started my career in education.

photography by Rebecca Hirsch

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